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Story from  group members:

Title:  I Grew Stronger

When I fist came to Al-Anon, I believed there was a God and He even had name.  It took a while longer for me to understand that God wanted to be present in my every moment.  Slowly, as my relationship with my Higher Power unfolded, I learned to continue to ask for guidance and love, one day at a time.

In the Forum Favorites Volume I on page 120 there is a quotation that gives the definition of a gentleman.  He is "one who acts always as if he were in the presence of God." I understood that to apply to ladies as well.

I sure wanted to be a lady, so I set out to practice being in the presence of God.  I started with the Serenity Prayer.  It reminds me that God grants me the courage, acceptance, and wisdom to get through the day.  When I say the Serenity Prayer, my mind quits twirling.  It puts me back into the moment, and then I can recognize God's love and presence once more. 

When the alcoholic would keep me up with " all night seminars," I would say the Serenity Prayer over and over as he was talking.  That way I would be able to detach with love, knowing my Higher Power was giving me His Strength.  One day at a time I felt safer.  I grew strong enough to become unavailable for the all night lectures anymore.  I would remove myself more quickly each time.  Eventually I did not accept any invitations to attend these all night sessions.

I can also practice listening to my High Power at Al-Anon meetings, where I know He is present.  I always hear something to take home with me.  Each day is a new day,  and I look forward to the many ways my Higher Power reveals His presence to me.  Today I am child of God.


Prior to Al_Anon I had no concept of the slogan " Let Go and Let God." How could I let go and give up control? I thought I was the one holding everything together.  As I listened in the rooms of Al-Anon and worked overtime with my sponsor on the Steps  I started to have some clarity.  One night the meeting topic was "Let Go and Let God."  Two days later my landlord gave me notice to move our because he wanted to move back in.  Before Al-Anon my normal reaction would have been off-the -wall anger, fear resentment, helplessness, and hopelessness.  That day I remembered the Al-Anon meeting topic and what I had heard.  I prayed to let go of the situation and trusted my Higher Power to guide me.  This approach felt good and I didn't wasted my energy on negative emotions. 

The next day I ran into someone I knew who told me about rental property available just around the corner from me.  Talk about letting go and trusting!  I remembered to say, "Thank you, God."

FROM THE ADULT CHILDREN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION COMPUTER BULLETIN BOARD -  SPIRITUAL HEALTH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Even though... - my parents weren't available to me, I can be. - my parents couldn't admit that I had needs, I can. - my parents were in denial, I don't have to be. - my parents couldn't meet my needs, I am learning to. - my parents couldn't say "I love you" when they were sober, I can admit my love without being drunk. - my parents used alcohol to hide their feelings, I can admit that I have feelings, and I can let them in. - my parents used alcohol to avoid listening to that still, small voice, I can sit still and listen, even when I'm afraid of what I will hear. - my parents didn't treat me as a real person, I am learning to recognize and admit my own worth. - my parents used alcohol to avoid change, I can be open to possibilities without panic. - I was raised in a home of denial, I don't live there any more. I have needs, desires, and worth. I will shut off that phony smile or that phony anger that has been used for so long to keep others away. I will open my eyes and my ears to hear the world say "Hello!" I am learning that I can sit quietly and listen and be afraid without losing my sobriety. I am learning to say "I love you."

From Al-Anon ACA