Christian Adult Children Of Alcoholics

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 Welcome to Christianadults

                                                                               Christianadults Founded Aug 17, 2002













   Our Three  Legacies

   Recovery     Through The Steps

          Unity           Through The  Traditions 

         Service        Through The Concepts

The Three Legacies of Al-Anon / ACA_ACOA point the way to a normal, useful life for the individual.  They also are a framework within which the groups can carry on their affairs in harmony.


Join Our Adult Children of Alcoholic Twelve Step Online Support Group

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     A private way to share without disrespecting your alcoholic parent .


 Christian Adult Children of Alcoholics Group Link


The Twelve Step Recovery

The Twelve Step Recovery

The Twelve Step Recovery

 May God be with you on your spiritual journey.    

  We are non-profitable group. God's love is free.

                                                                     This is a self recovery group.   





                                                   Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said,

          With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible















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