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History Behind ChristianAdults 
ChristianAdults was founded Aug 17,2002 by Ruth. Before ChristianAdults began Ruth went thru
 a spiritual growth, a new beginning with a new birth of Jesus Christ within her. Christianity
 has always played a role in her life because of her family. But, wasn’t mature enough to understand
 the real meaning until she reached the worse time in her life. She was baptized when she was 12
 but borned again when she was 35 years of age. Her mother, which she loves more than anything, 
went thru some really difficult times in her life and turned to alcohol. Ruth’s mother needed something
 to help her forget about the pain she was enduring. She didn’t realize at the time that God is the way. 
 Instead of trusting and having faith in the Lord she drowned her pain in alcohol. Ruth’s mom loved 
the Lord but didn’t have the peace within. Knowing that, if she would have faith everything would be 
fine. Ruth and her brother endured a lot with both parents; both siblings were slit up from each other. 
Ruth went with her mother and as a result had to see the effects of the disease of alcohol. 
Alcohol is an ugly disease that not only affects the person doing it, but also affects the whole family. 
Ruth life was affected emotionally and struggled for some kind of understanding from it all. Years 
and years went by and she hit her lowest point to where she wanted to just give up. But God was 
dealing with her and He had a plan for this young lady. Although, she didn’t know it yet! She began
 searching on the internet for people who had experienced the same things she had. During this
 time she began getting closer and closer to God and praying more and more. God led her to a group
 of people in alnon, where she met someone who led her to adult children of alcoholics. She joined
 and the beginning of understanding herself and her mother began. She was introduced to the 12 Steps.
 The 12 steps were important to her because she was serious about getting back on track with her life. 
 She began and it became very hard but she stuck to it and asks her Lord to help her. It was so hard
 that at one point she started to give up again. Because you had to face people you didn’t want to face. 
One night it all came to a head, she was alone in her room down on her knees begging God to help her.
 God reached down and gave her a peace that continues to be with her to this day. I believe that, 
Ruth was borned again, a child of God!!! To explain how it felt to her would be hard. She states that it 
was like dying of thirst but had no water to quench it, but finally you received a tall glass of ice water. 
 After the experience she was able to continue working on her steps and dealing with her issues. 
She faces her biological father, which that was the hardest. She faced her mother, who was in denial 
but it didn’t matter about them any more. It was about Ruth and getting herself back together. God 
was with her the whole time and she had peace, especially the day she went and seen her biological father.
She began talking more and more about God to the people in her aca group. But some didn’t like
 or believe in God, their higher power was something else and it offended them. So because God had 
done so much for Ruth and she desired to serve and tell about Him. Ruth is so thankful for every blessing 
God has giving her, she searched online for a Christian group or organization for adult children of alcoholics.
 There was not one at the time! She wanted Christians to be able to speak freely about Jesus and God without any
 controversy. Ruth knew why she had endured so much in her life now. She now knew He had a purpose
 for her life, her calling was ChristianAdults. She worked hard for 2 years, designing
 and paying for it, typing litature, and finding resources to help others. The main purpose of ChristianAdults
 is to find understanding, hope and peace within. All things are possible thru Jesus Christ! God is the way,
 the truth and the light. 
Approved: ChristianAdults Organization Sept 11, 2006 
 Ruth Psalms 27: 3-14 
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