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                                             Special Thanks

One thing I learned about myself in the group in the past year is that I am powerless over almost everything in my life.  I can't change what other people think of me.  If they don't like me, that's their problem.  They're missing a good friend.

When I came into the group my exterior was "'nice wrapped," as a person once told me, but there wasn't a sparkle in my eyes.  My insides were a gnarled ball of emotions, in indistinguishable from the other. Eventually the group revealed a successful plan for living with definable boundaries.

The increasingly narrow tunnel of the fearful and tearful future opened up gradually to indicate that I always have choices.  My thinking process changed to a healthier, optimistic way of living, which accentuates the positives.  It is this feeling of hope, the awareness of choices, enjoying the present, and the return of a sparkle to the eyes that I try to convey to the other people who come to the group that I sponsor.

So, I thank so many people whom have shone me a better way of living. 

Thank you so much,

Adult Christian of Alcoholic Sponsor